Your safety at Hest Bank Dental in COVID-19

Your safety at Hest Bank Dental in COVID-19

These are very uncertain times for everyone and COVID-19 has left us with a feeling of fear and an uncertainty of what we should or should not be doing. We, at Hest Bank Dental are here to reassure you that booking a dental appointment during COVID-19 should not be a stressful or scary experience.

Oue practice is remaining open and our team are all working hard to provide you all with excellent patient care whilst ensuring your safety, as well as safeguarding themselves.

At Hest Bank Dental we pride ourselves on the high level of standards we maintain in cross infection control and the providing of a clean and safe environment for all our patients. In addition to our usual protocols, we have put in place extra precautionary measures to ensure your safety during COVID-19.

Here is an insight into the measures we are taking to protect our patients;

  • Every surgery has been installed with ‘Radio8’ air filtration systems to purify the air & deactivate any unwanted viruses & bacteria
  • Temperature checks on each member of staff are carried out on arrival, prior to commencing work
  • Staff are provided with Lateral Flow COVID-19 tests on a twice weekly basis
  • The entire team have received, or are in the process of receiving their COVID-19 vaccinations
  • Clinical staff are supplied with full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) including fit tested respirator masks for aerosol procedures, face shields & new gowns or aprons for each new patient. Our reception team will also be wearing masks but remember our smiley, friendly faces are still beneath those masks!