Why Have Orthodontic Treatment on your teeth

Why Have Orthodontic Treatment on your teeth

Orthodontic treatment allows your teeth to be placed gently into the most health and comfortable position in your jaws. This has several health benefits for your general health but also the health in your month.

  1. Reduced Teeth clenching and grinding. Stress effects over 74% of all adults which in turn can cause symptoms on your teeth and jaws. Similarly, if your teeth are in a bad position clenching and grinding is exacerbated leading to pain and headaches
  2. Diet and Digestive health. Your gut health and digestion is very important and the entry point to this is your mouth. If the food is chewed thoroughly the digestive process is begun to allow small pieces but also the introduction of salivary amylase form your saliva into the food.
  3. Self-confidence and social interaction. A lovely smile gives you all the confidence in the world when are in a new situation at work or now we are all returning to social interaction.
  4. Gum Disease. Gum disease has been linked to many systemic health problems such as heart disease and strokes. In turn if teeth are crowded and crooked this leads to plaque build-up and an increased likelihood of this occurring.
  5. Dental Decay if teeth are inaccessible to clean they are much more likely to be susceptible to dental decay. This in turn can lead to chronic inflammation in your body which can lead to and acerbate lots of problems such as diabetes.

Modern orthodontic treatment for crooked, badly aligned teeth can be carried out at any age and can be used to correct small areas of the teeth such as crowded upper or lower incisors.

The simple orthodontics can we used with composite bonding to improve the appearance of the teeth within a few months.

Orthodontics can be carried out with either fixed brackets or removable aligners which have the advantage of being virtually invisible.