Tips for Ageing Teeth

Tips for Ageing Teeth

The problems of getting older, backache, stiff joints and medication side effects

A Few wise words to help you to look after teeth

Tooth brushing– Some people may need help with their brushing, especially if they suffer from poor eyesight, limited hand movement or dementia. Encouraging x2 daily tooth brushing or helping people brush their teeth not only has massive benefits to their oral health but also to their confidence... So grab a pair of gloves, squirt on that toothpaste and get brushing!

Denture care– It is important to remove a denture when brushing the teeth. Brush the denture with soap and water (over a sink) as toothpaste can discolour it. Soak the denture in water overnight and clean weekly with a sterilizing solution (made up to manufactures instructions).

Diet– Who doesn’t like a biscuit with their cup of tea? Elderly people also tend to eat little and often. However frequently having sugary snacks can cause dental decay. If untreated, this can lead to toothache. Try to keep food and drink between meals sugar free – water, milk, tea/coffee without sugar, toast, fruit, veg, breadsticks, cheese and crackers.

Lack of saliva(which helps protect teeth) – Many elderly people may be on medications that can cause a dry mouth, this increases their risk of dental diseases and in severe cases, may hinder their speech and ability to swallow food properly. Help manage the lack of saliva by encouraging regular sips of water, sugar free mints or ask a dental care professional about saliva substitutes. 

If you have any questions regarding oral care for the elderly, please get in touch.