The Smile you want for your Big Day !

The Smile you want for your Big Day !

With it being March already, the special occasions that 2018 has in store are getting closer...Here, we explain how you could straighten your teeth and build your confidence ready for your big day!

Whether it's a wedding, a special birthday, prom or graduation, we all want to spend the day looking and feeling our best. However, if you are one of the many people that are self-conscious of their smile, the prospect of posing for photos at these important milestones could leave you ready to bolt through the nearest door.

Thankfully, there are now a number of quick and discreet treatments available to fix your teeth in time for your big event – including Smilelign clear braces. 

Until recently, the most common form of treatment for misaligned teeth was traditional, metal braces. Eye-catching and generally uncomfortable, this treatment option is often viewed with a sense of disdain - particularly amongst adult patients. This has left many people reluctant to undergo orthodontic treatment to resolve the issues with their teeth, leaving them conscious of their smile. The introduction of clear braces has helped combat this problem, allowing patients to discreetly undergo treatment to achieve their dream smile.

Ideal for those with a tight deadline, Smilelign works by straightening your teeth in small stages - until they are in the desired position. As their name suggests, the braces are virtually invisible, custom-made to your teeth, and 100% removable, meaning they work alongside the modern patient’s lifestyle. 

Created as part of a series, each brace is worn for a period of 2-3 weeks at a time, reducing the length of treatment to around half of that associated with traditional braces, which is around 24 months. Some Smilelign cases are completed in as little as 12 weeks, dependent on how much movement is required in your teeth. Realistically, the majority of cases are completed within a year.

Smilelign is one of several options that we offer at Hest Bank Dental Care  so call us to book a free consultation appointments to allow you to discover the correct treatment available to you and the 0% finance offers available to spread the cost of your treatment.