Mindful Brushing

Mindful Brushing

Practice Mindfulness

The rapid progression in technological developments was meant to make things easier and give us more time. Although some aspects of life have become easier, this hasn’t given us more time, it just means the world moves faster. People are busier than ever.

Humans experience much more stress in modern daily life than they did a hundred years ago. Life was physically more demanding then, more labour-focused, but the stress levels were less. The complexities of modern day-to-day living and the stress on both mind and body cannot be underestimated. For instance, the stress of driving a car on a busy road is huge

We always seem to be going somewhere and working towards something, a means to an end. We rush things to get them done so that we can move onto the next thing. Often, we feel frustrated because we never have enough time for ourselves.

Mindfulness is about being fully focused in the present moment. It is about not worrying about where we are going or what is coming next. Research shows that people who live in the moment are often happier than those who are always considering the past or the future. There is power in the NOW. You can choose, in any moment, to change your thoughts, actions and feelings. Being in the present can reduce stress levels, improve concentration and increase productivity.

Mindfulness can be practiced in several ways.

Meditation is hugely beneficial and could improve many aspects of your life and health. If you find it hard to concentrate for so long, the following exercises will help.

Focus on your breathing. Taking a few deep breaths and just focusing on those can calm your mind and eliminate stress. This is also good if you are feeling upset or annoyed.

Concentrate on one activity – Cleaning your teeth thoroughly and focusing on it completely Don’t think about anything else. If your mind wanders, don’t worry, bring it back to the present. Feel the toothbrush in your hand and the sensation on your teeth, the noise of the water, the taste of the toothpaste. When cleaning with interdental brushes imagine the surfaces of your teeth becoming smooth What sensations arise? what feelings? How refreshed do you feel? Consider using a mouthwash and concentrate on the sensations as you swish it around your mouth and the fluoride sealing your teeth.

So, you can improve your health and well-being together with 2 minutes well spent in the bathroom