Manual versus Electric Toothbrush

Manual versus Electric Toothbrush

When you hear the word toothbrush, people just associate toothbrushes with the manual standard brush, but with times changing and technology developing more and more each day people are starting to associate with the electric toothbrushes. Often we are asked the question at this time of year which is best as people are thinking of Xmas presents.

The manual toothbrush as we know today was first invented in the 1930s even though several updates and upgrades have been added to the toothbrush, the original concept of very fine bristles, very tightly clustered together on a handle moved in and out of the mouth and around the teeth has always been the same; yet it wasn’t until the 1950s the electric toothbrush was invented a battery powered brush, with a head that moves rapidly either back and forth or by rotation but didn’t became  popular until the 1990s….. but is one of these toothbrushes ‘better’ than the other??  

 Manual Toothbrush

  • Manual toothbrushes create a lot of toothpaste froth and can thoroughly clean your tongue and inside cheeks when you’re doing your two-minute routine brush as moving the larger head around the mouth. on the back of some manual tooth brushes are tongue scrapes which electric toothbrushes don’t.
  • Manual toothbrushes are more flexible, not just the heads but the brush itself. Unlike electric toothbrushes with tightly compacted bristles, manual toothbrushes are so easy to manoeuvre around your mouth. Their flexible bristles can bend back far enough to reach those stubborn teeth at the back hiding food.
  •  They’re very easy to travel with, you can easily buy cases for the whole toothbrush or just the top, they are very light and can buy smaller travel size toothbrushes or just a normal size on is light anyway.
  • Manual toothbrushes come in a much larger variety. They’re available in soft, medium and hard bristles with a small, standard or larger head. You can get just plain toothbrushes, different colours for different members of the family house hold. you can now buy kids toothbrushes that have always been around which are smaller but now can have a pattern or a picture which such a variety of kids programmes and well know animations.

Electric Toothbrush

  • The more advanced electric toothbrushes include an automatic timer in their design, which makes it easier for users to know when their two-minute brush is complete. This ensures a proper clean is achieved to maintain their oral hygiene and to make sure they get all areas of their mouth.
  • Less for more, studies have shown that the electric toothbrush does a better job for cleaning the teeth and removing the plaque around the teeth for just holding the brush on the teeth and letting the revolving brush do the work and not moving your own arm much.
  • An electric toothbrush is very ideal for people who suffer from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and any other painful or movement-restricting conditions. Since the electric toothbrush’s rotating head does all the work, the user will use less effort with their wrists and hands; making dental care a much easier task.
  • Is great for kids, getting children to clean their teeth and to do chores in general is hard enough but with an electric toothbrush its less work, all they need to do is put it on their teeth and cleans a lot more than they think, also there is a timer on them so they know when they’re all done, it can also be fun with the funny feeling of the vibrations.

Everyone at Hest Bank Dental Care still advise it is essential to brush your teeth whether you are using a manual toothbrush or an electric toothbrush, the important factor is completing a thorough, two-minute brush at least once every day. So, whatever toothbrush you choose to use isn’t important because it’s the brushing itself that counts.